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    AdminMonitor.com is the parent company of TexasAdmin and CaliforniaAdmin.com. TexasAdmin covers the Public Utility Commission of Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Railroad Commission of Texas, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the Texas State Board of Education, and the Texas Water Development Board. CaliforniaAdmin webcasts the California Public Utilities Commission. Please see the links at left for more information about the meetings available.

    With this service, video of these entities' Commission and Board meetings, key workshops, conferences, and other important public administrative meetings is streamed live over the Internet to your personal computer. Meetings are then archived and divided into video clips for each agenda item for convenient viewing. Agency coverage is sponsored or self-funded and can be accessed at no cost and without a passcode. Software needed to view the webcasts (RealPlayer) is free - a link as available on all subsidiary sites. Service features include:

    • Archival of all meetings covered
    • Agenda-specific clips - quick access to items of interest
    • E-Clips - send video clips to clients or colleagues via e-mail

    Conference Coverage: AdminMonitor has the capabilities to make your conferences, meetings, training sessions and other special events available on the internet. Our portable system allows the option of covering from remote locations.

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